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The Energy Wheel

Activity based learning that integrates heath, fitness and humour to help you build personal resilience. 

The Energy Wheel equips you with the tools and skills to manage your energy and develop capacity to consistently perform at a high level in your business and personal life.

How we deliver the Energy Wheel:

Two Hour Workshop •Wellness in the workplace
•Personal Rankings
•Working with results
•Online video content delivered to each participant
•Online coaching follow up
One Day Workshop In addition to the two hour workshop content:
• A deeper analysis of personal results
•A more detailed look into the eight dimensions of the Energy Wheel
•A systematic approach to action planning
•Inclusion of Energy Breaks to model good practice
Two Day Workshop In addition to the one day workshop content:
•A deeper look at the relationships between the eight dimensions and the impact on performance
•Experiencing the skills of the eight dimensions in real life
Online •A series of 10 by 5 minute video clips of the eight dimensions of the Energy Wheel delivered directly to each nominated person
•Includes all Energy Wheel resources
Coaching •Delivered online via interactive video conference with variable numbers of sessions available
Energy Wheel Introduction Video. A small taster of what the online delivery would look like.

Bringing your workshops to life using the Energy Wheel

We have successfully included the Energy wheel components into business forums for many years. The concept is simple and the results are profound. We weave a series of short sessions into your agenda which energise the participants and at the same time help them experience how to better manage energy, stay focussed and engage more consistently throughout the workshop. This process demonstrates how doing the elements of the Energy Wheel really do help performance.

The Collaborative Cup

The Collaborative Cup equips you with the tools and skills to differentiate between collaboration and competition, and insights into creating the right balance of both to perform at a high level. 

Two Hour Workshop•Investigates the relationship and biases that exist between competition and collaboration in today’s business world
•Set up of the activity which provides a shared experience for the group and the basis for learning
•Conduct of the debrief to draw out what causes people to act in certain ways which may or may not be helpful
One Day Workshop In addition to the two hour workshop content:
•We run a series of different activities, each with different themes and insights into collaborative practice
•More application of the day-to-day workplace practice of collaboration

Brining your workshops to life using The Collaborative Cup

The use of including a series of collaborative cup activities into workshops has proved to be a successful way to help teams better understand the nature, role and function of collaboration in different settings. It also has the benefit of energising the group and helping them learn by their shared experiences.

High Performing Team Workshop

At the heart of high performing teamwork, is the decision as to the sort of team you need to be.

The workshop focuses the team on the specific elements of being a high performing team. Then the process of putting the pieces in place begins. The results is that the team is aligned to the sort of team it wants to be, and the steps needed to get there.

Half Day Workshop•Identify the type of team we want to be
•Clarify the purpose of the team
•Choose team values
•Build team objectives
•Understand the elements of high performing teamwork
•How to hold ourselves accountable
•Follow up process
One Day WorkshopIn addition to the half day workshop content we also include:
•Practical activities that reinforce the principles of high performance team
•Debrief experiences and connect to the day to day operations
•Understand what collaboration means to us
•Meeting protocols
•Practice feedback

If you want to discover the sort of team you need to be, send us a message!

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