Program Facilitation

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It’s one thing to have a design for your workshop, it’s another to facilitate the delivery.

To stand in front of a business audience and bring a session to life is at the heart of our work. Making it easy for people to join in and tap into their curiosity is what we do.

At Corporate Fitness Services, we know that when participants are feeling relaxed and focused, they are more likely to engage with content, retain information delivered and build positive working relationships with others. We take what we do seriously and yet the style of the delivery is playful with the intention of creating a space where team members are enjoying themselves, are more open to share with each other and build positive working relationships. Our facilitation brings together a blend of evidence based research, learning science, and front line practical experience.

Case Study

SituationCourse of ActionResults
A five day Executive Development Program for a Senior Industry Group.

Multiple sessions each day from expert presenters from around the world.

An emphasis on practical application into the workplace.
Corporate Fitness Services was contracted to integrate a set of daily activities designed to keep people focused, energised and engaged.

Each day there were pre-breakfast activities, morning and afternoon energy breaks, collaborative team activities, meals designed to help people with their energy.

A series of sessions on energy management using the Energy Wheel.
In the debrief with the client and feedback from participants, it was evident the following results were achieved:
•Strong interpersonal relationships
•Cohesive working group
•High levels of enjoyment
•Consistent engagement in the learning across the week
•Maintaining energy throughout the week
•Increased awareness of current lifestyle choices
•Implementing positive lifestyle behaviours
•Personalised lifestyle management plans

High authenticity immediately established, excellent delivery style; mixing serious with fun/humour. Highly relevant subject matter.

Participant in the General Managers Program.

Lex bought the core learning together into an activity that was enjoyable.

Participant in the General Managers Program.

Lex is great and he’s overall input is essential for the success. He has the ability to keep you operating at high intensity for a long-time.

Participant in Leadership Development Program.

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