In 1982 Corporate Fitness Services started out providing health and conditioning advice for athletes. Opportunities presented themselves to move into the corporate world and the design of corporate health promotion programs.

For ten years we successfully ran program throughout Victoria. The challenge has been the successful integration of health and wellness activities into the daily work of organisations. It emerged that to include these activities into the training and development space was both unique and a good fit. For the past 25 years, this has been the focus of our work.

This work has taken us all over the world, working with the best presenters within the best programs. This has shaped the quality and focus of our approach and is now the hallmark of our success.

We have developed a unique combination of playful and insightful activities that enables people to learn and get better.


Since July 1st, 2019 Emily has become a director and shareholder of the business.

Emily was looking into another way of utilising her background in education. Lex was looking for someone to play an active part in creating the future of the business. In a moment of serendipity in 2017, Emily and Lex met on the Sunshine Coast. There was something interesting and unexpected that came from that meeting, that lead to Emily spending the next two years looking at what CFS does; attending jobs, meeting clients and seeing how things worked. As a result, a trusting and honest business relationship has developed and we’re both looking forward to creating the next generation of what CFS can bring to the business community of Australia.


Our purpose is to make wellness a fundamental part of organisations.

We will achieve this by building long term relationships with clients that is time efficient, convenient and friendly.

We use evidence based research to support our initiatives, and we will deliver our services in a playful and insightful manner.

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