You're not Alone

Human beings are not at their best sitting still in a room hour after hour, day after day. When someone is trying to teach us, we can only focus for so long.

In fact if ‘teaching’ is all that’s going on, you can guarantee the end result will be disappointing. We must learn. And learning is a whole body, whole person experience.

Our minds and hearts must be engaged. The approach needs to vary, include different styles and cater to a variety of learning preferences. Meanwhile, our bodies must be energised. We need all our resources at the ready to make meaning of what we are learning. And we need the right conditions to make that learning stick.

Not every person that stands in front of the group is a skilled presenter communicator or facilitator but they do have something that is important for the group to know or learn. It makes sense for them to have a group ready, willing and able to absorb the message. This is where Lex comes in.

CFS - You're not alone